Matt Gray

...or not!

Mar 14, 2003

I guess I only have seven days to live, having watched The Ring.. a fairly good movie, although I was dissatisfied with its ending. I guess I expected answers to the numerous questions that form throughout the film - but the film’s ending tries to be Lynchian when it throws the “conclusion” in your face..

Looks like I was crazy after all, there was no bug in my code, and all that work was needless. I foolishly got it into my head that I wasn’t zero-padding a fractional result integer, which would result in incorrect decimal comparisons. I know that sounds like gobbledygook, but that’s what happened.

Uhh.. I had some more great bits of Matt-wisdom to bestow, but I just drifted off into the bountiful void known as the web.

I promise I will redesign this site. Its ugliness is affecting my ability to walk upright and is no doubt the source of that nasty bout of leprousy. Sure.

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