Matt Gray

Ahhh! No!!

Mar 16, 2003

Alright, looks like I’ve got egg on my face, yet again! I went back to fix a bunch of the lame errors in my previous entries: things like no tags, etc. Well, I accidentally altered the post dates for every entry I modified! Luckily, the identifier scheme I use is still chronologically ordered; but jeez, what bullshit!

Clearly, I threw up a new design. I leave it to you to determine the orifice of orgin. I think it kinda looks cool, and it is sort of a play on DigitalGraphite “brand corruption” I was discussing with Adam.

[Site is defunct; replaced with an link in 2019.]

In the odd news, I came across an extremely strange news story - a huge carp that speaks fluent Hebrew and prophesizes doom? Seriously, it doesn’t get any better! If only they had a picture… but I don’t lend much credence to the claims of the New York Hasids involved.. after all, they ended up butchering the thing. I found that story on Drudge Report, a blast from the past of internet yellow journalism. It has a massive bevy of links, however, and the most outlandish stories are highlighted.

Okay, as far as this war with Iraq goes.. I am fairly anti-war in this case, mainly because I don’t agree with the current administration all the time. I came across this story about how our nemesis Saddam killed thousands of his own people with chemical weapons. I can’t figure out which is more appalling: the act itself or the fact we ignored it because we were backing him at the time. In fact, we blamed it on Iran, according to the article. Yeesh. Freedom fries, anyone?

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