Matt Gray

And I thought our country had a bad rep

Feb 22, 2003

Curse those damned Nigerians!!! Here is a little sample from my Inbox. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this literary gem as much as I did.

Calvary greetings to you in the precious name of our lord Jesus christ.First i want to appreciate you and your ministry for the work God has done through you,may the lord continue to strenthern you more and more as you continue to fight the good fight of faith.

Apparently spelling and grammar aren’t among the virtues of the holy..

Please allow me to introduce my self.I am Taribo West ,i am a full time Nigerian international footballer.I started my football career wayback in the 80’s (1984)to be precise,with a local club here in Nigeria. I played proffessional football between 1985-1988 in Nigeria before i finally moved abroad to play in a foreign football club.I have enjoyed the unlimited grace of God all through my football career as i have played in numerous European 1st class leageues and high graded tournaments ,such as UEFA champions league,and cup winers cup,including the English FA cup finals and also the USA 94 wold cup,Atlanta 96 olympics games which my country(NIGERIA)took the Gold medal.This is but to mentioned a few.

But i have come to a point of realization in my life that God has other plans for me,here comes the fulfillment of this(scripture"there are many devices in a mans heart nevertheless the counsell of the lord shall stand”.I must tell you that the counsell of the lord has always stood for me and it has been the most fulfilling part of my life.

I have been grately blessed above and beyond my widest immagination i realise God’s calling upon my life and i know i have been called to propagate the the gospel and this i intend to do with the wealth God has blessed me with.

Recently a prophecy was given on my behalf to sow a seed for a need,which actully has made me wait upon the lord a long while and it was revealed to me to sow into your ministry the sum of $6million us$ dollars.Currently i am in yugoslavia in a new club and i have been signed a big contract for the next two seasons,in appreaciation of what God has done in my entire life,it is a thing of joy and of a willing heart to sow in this money.Sincerely from my heart i have sent this money to a security firm in europe.I would have given you my contact telephone numbers but based on my proffession and for security reasons please i can’t give it to you.I can only tell my mentor in the lord (Rev.Dr. Paul Eneche) in nigeria to contact you or feel free to call him on this telephone number 234-8023170976

I want you to assit me with all the needed information to process this payment,information like your telephone number and your fax number.Once again i want to say thank you for the good work as we await the return of our king Jesus Christ.

Please reply this mail immediately to confirm that you received my mail,

Thank you and God bless you

Taribo West

GOOD LORD who on earth would believe this tripe unless they were in some sort of alcohol/amphetamine frenzy, hallucinating imaginary wealthy benefactors melting out the walls!?! MADNESS!

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