Matt Gray

Blast from the past

Mar 26, 2003

Well, it was one of those days again. This old picture is both a testament to my exam today and a test of my new image upload script. This picture dates back to freshman year of 2000, where I slept through my anthropology midterm. Needless to say, I was extremely lucky to scrape by with a passing grade in that class. Live and learn, right? Wrong. Today was really no different, only I attended.

Old, sad picture
Wow this is old

So now its 10pm, and I swore I would be asleep after the Simpsons. What am I doing? For a while I thought it would be cool to add RSS support to my site, but then the stunning realization hit me: why on earth add channel feed capability if I don’t need it!? The throngs of fans are clearly not calling for it - therefore it will not be done. Now, I must begin gearing up for my Math logic test Friday. I really hope it goes better than this one - imagine sitting down to a vector/matrix heavy test and instantly forgetting everything you thought you knew about dot product, cross product, normals, etc. Absolute hell. Anyway.

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