Matt Gray

Coca-Cola gives back

Apr 21, 2003

Kickass.. I just won a Coca-Cola racing family promotional baseball hat! Oops, forgot to include my

So, I’m behind in every single subject. I thought I had pinned down my CompSci courses, but apparently now I am a week overdue for completing a project. I already used my days of grace, and last week was a nightmare of two days awake, 6 hours of sleep, wash, rinse, repeat. I slept so much this weekend - I woke up at something like 10pm last night, and since I couldn’t get to sleep… well, there’s UT2003 for that… and Q3A. Sadly, I just discovered these two wonderful games.. now if only I had the cash, I might buy one of them to play in the brief break between Spring and Summer session.

Well, now to work.. I need to stay conscious until 6, so I can go watch Psycho in my Hitchcock class.. in which I also happen to have a term paper due next week. Oh, horrors.

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