Matt Gray

CSS bites me in the

Mar 24, 2003

Sheesh, and here I was, an idealistic web designer (albeit an amatuer, or perhaps the two terms are equivalent?) thinking that CSS could solve the worlds problems. This is not so; welcome to my hell. I just spent the last several hours fine-tuning a careful scheme of relative positioning, only to discover that by moving one element I propagated the change through the whole page, ruining my careful layout. Floats are so the way to go. I’ve even banished the problems of getting containers to expand around them.

Now I’m staring at the Owner to Buyer page, reeling from the work I’ve just put in. True, the same thing could have been accomplished with a rigidly defined <TABLE> tag, but nooooo, I had to vow to myself to only use XHTML….

As of now it remains in serious question whether or not I will make it to class, work, etc.. I’m very tired, and I’ve been doing nothing but code for hours and hours. My night class is tomorrow, to boot!

Well, I’ll keep you posted as further events warrant. I’ll post the OTB material soon (before my night class at 6) once I fine-tune it. I’ve still got to make the links point to the right things, etc.

Jacob, if you’re reading this read your email.

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