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Jul 18, 2003

I’m going back to daily updates for this page. I’ve said that before, but I think it is critical for me to once again record my thoughts and random rants in one place, and why not online?

I recently re-read my own 'About Me' [Page removed. –Matt, 2019] page. Writing those things is always tricky, since I firmly believe that no one interesting has a talent for autobiography. Therefore, I would at least try to have a difficult time writing such a thing. It’s not bad, though - you should check it out.

I’m only taking two classes right now, and I enjoy both - but right now I’m really psyched about how well I’m doing in my art class. I’m taking Electronic Art, and it is just what I imagined - a challenge to come up with something creative, and express it through digital media. For me, the expressing part is easy - I’m at home in the computer world. The creativity part is actually quite a bit harder than mastering mundane things like Photoshop and Premiere. Our next project is to use Macromedia Flash, which I consider myself an expert at, so I’m going to try to create something truly amazing. What usually bogs me down is the one constraint that even the sane, digital world must face: time. Ah, if only I lived in a Philip K. Dick novel, where you could simply omit sleep..

Wow, this is turning into a ramble. So, my initial buzz over crypto tapered off a bit, but I’m still very interested in the math behind it all. Right now, however, I am extremely excited about writing some astronomy software for work. I wrote a small program to convert FITS files into JPEGs for web display, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. I cranked it out in three or four days, in a frenzy. I kept adding feature after feature, then debugging. The main development spurt is definitely over, but I wouldn’t mind diving into it or another project again. It looks like I got my wish, since I’m now working on implementing an extraction routine that Kris Davidson gave me. I’ll eventually post my source online..

“The best is yet to come…"

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