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Mar 23, 2003

digital graphite logo idea
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Well, looks like I churned out a pretty derivative idea for digitalgraphite [Defunct. –Matt, 2019]. Pretty basic stuff, but who knows?

There was a very large war protest on the corner of Grand & Snelling today, made getting home difficult. My day was devoted to cleanliness and programming, two extremely noble pursuits. My room’s entropy has been reversed, and everything looks clean (and for the most part is clean). I bought two new CDs today, as a reward for the long hours I’ve been putting in at APS: Radiohead’s Amnesiac and Theivery Corporation’s The Richest Man in Babylon. Both are great so far, but I feel guilty starting to like Radiohead. I mean, come on, they’re supposed to be a pretentious Pink Floyd cover band, not anything special or unique. I still can’t bring myself to like the people behind the music, but its calculated emo-ness has sucked me in. I guess it was inevitable. I suppose Kraftwerk’s The Man Machine balanced out this modern pop-culture indulgence. I hope so, anyway! I guess I’m saving credibility for the day in the distant future when I become a worldwide celebrity, the only one who remains down to earth. Right.

Why can’t presidents and politicians talk like real people? Are these spin doctors really pleasing the public? Lately, with the continuous war coverage (I brought home two burgers, debated on reading The Brothers Karamazov but decided to “watch the war” instead) I can hardly stand it all. I’d feel better if our president levelled with us in a more harsh, raw, way. Here’s how my imaginary presidential address might go.

Begin dream sequence:“Hello everybody. I’m sure you’re anxious to know what the heck is going on, after being blitzed with information by the media. Here’s the story: as you full well know, we’ve been gearing up for war, since Saddam’s “failure to disarm” creates a great pretense that we can rationalize the whole thing. The reason Baghdad doesn’t look like 1991 is because we received actionable intelligence, meaning we had a chance to get Saddam. Because we are basically interested in regime change (not conquest as some naysayers would suggest), this seemed like the most painless way to accomplish our objectives while saving the Iraqi people from all the ravages of war.

“If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me, or contact your local representative. After all, I’m here to serve you.”

End dream…

Sad that the simple fact is no person who went on TV with such a straightforward attitude would be consistently liked by the majority (heh, in some cases just less than a majority) of the US population. It sucks, but it is unavoidable.

Alright, I need to try and get to bed, since my schedule tomorrow depends on me being awake during TCF’s Sunday banking hours. Pathetic as it may be, it is damn hard to wake before 3pm on the weekends! Argh!

PS - Can you believe one of our own soldiers would go as far as to toss grenades into command tents?

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