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Mar 5, 2003

Looks like it’s been a year already for Yay!

Making Minnesota proud - a 14 year-old boy sends a bomb threat to Columbine. You’d think he was from St. Cloud, and not from Eden Prarie…

Speaking of St. Cloudians, I ran into Ty Hall at Perry’s - it feels so good to be free of the Tech Tigers in every respect. Unfortunately for me, I was working @ Perry’s while Tom drove Kim and the kids home. As per usual, Tom’s “5 minutes” was more like twenty, but I was happy to do it.

In unrelated news, I cannot sleep. I wanted to stay at work for so long tonight, and then I lingered at Perry’s reading Richard Adams’ Watership Down, which is turning out to be an awesome book.

The book itself is Tolkienesque in way, and there are many analogues: hobbits live in holes, so do rabbits; each have their own little lingo, adventures, etc. Though in broad strokes the plot is strictly children’s fare, like The Lord of the Rings, it is also like that great trilogy in that it is anything but a children’s story.

Enough of my confusing book comparisons. I’m anxiously trying to devour this book, as I have yet to read The Brothers Karamazov, The Name of the Rose, and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer. All this on top of 13 credits and work… ah, nothing but hourly arithmetic… why, if my checkbook is any indication of my “skills” in that regard, you’d think I would sleep negative hours…

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