Matt Gray


Mar 15, 2003

Keep in mind when reading this, I am writing while the vitriol is still fresh. Though my sentence structure and phrasing may be somewhat impaired by my blood alcohol level, my meaning should be clear.

Tonight a former pal of mine from the dorms (specifically Frontier Hall) deeply insulted one of my best friends. For the purposes of this entry, we will refer to this former pal as “Worm”. A little background:

Worm was always a little different than the other guys on our floor, and it showed through in lots of ways. We were a tolerant, diverse group, however, and we accepted him as one of our own. We shared all kinds of heady, freshman adventures as a hallway, and I didn’t want to ever diminish that. Until tonight.

In broad strokes, Worm impugned the chosen company of my friend. That is to say, he intimated they were below him. Specifically, he mentioned the people he was at the bar with, and commented on how they were far superior in every respect to the company my friend had chosen for the evening.

I initially took this as some sort of sick joke. I knew Worm, and I would never believe him capable of insulting people on such a superficial level, and, worse, insulting a friend of his in the process. I laughed along until it became apparent that something was seriously wrong. Then it dawned on me that the context in which I thought it was funny didn’t apply to Worm at all. In fact, Worm had absolutely no justification for making the remarks he made, unless he meant to be hurtful and insulting. My friend became severely annoyed, and decided to dole out a bit of barroom justice to the insolent whelp - me, playing peacemaker, decided that Worm was simply drunk and unsure of the implications of what he was saying. I mediated a conversation between the two of them, and I thought I had brought the issue to a close.

Later that evening, more information came to light, specifically on how this Worm may have played a role in alienating our group of friends from another Frontier Hall ’mate. I still refused to believe that Worm was that immoral and blackhearted. I strove to keep the peace until I went my separate way, leaving my group of friends. This is when everything changed.

Worm accosted me outside the bar. He looked me straight in the eye, and repeated the exact same crude comment he had made before, underlined with juvenile obscenities, couching it with the words “I’m sorry Matt, but..” I calmly absorbed this and immediately called my friend and told him what transpired. Never before had I doubted the integrity of this individual (Worm) too much, but now it was all destroyed. I had spent the latter half of the evening at Bobby Z’s defending the sorry bastard, and in the end he had truly meant what he said, and in saying that to me showed how false his apologies were.

Therefore, I say to this ignorant weasel that has besmirched my friendship: you are worth less than the dirt upon which you tread. I am proud to stand behind my friends through thick and thin, and you have soiled that sacred relationship, in order for you to boast about the breast size of your companion. It is no wonder the people you were with began to disown you when you were rightfully confronted. You have no place among us. Consider yourself cast out. I never wish to speak with you again, or even hear your side of the story. You proved me wrong. You have no side; no defense. I suggest you take your bankrupt morals and look for the degenerates who inhabit the same crusty layer of society as yourself. Perhaps in the comfort of other backstabbing, petty thugs you can find solace.

I would like to further say that I am proud of my friends (and one of my friends’ brother) for recognizing what was right in this situation. I feel bad that I wasted breath defending this scum, when he truly meant his vile verbal attacks. Thank you.

If you have more to say after reading this, I suggest you seek out the source yourself. Contact him and ask him what the hell he was thinking when he said such hurtful, disparaging things. I refuse to repeat the remarks here, but I’m sure he’d be willing to summarize them, as well as decry my attempts to expose his foul betrayal – just ask him.

I thank you for sticking with me through this account, and I hope you don’t think I’m practicing an online form of character assassination. After all, this web page contains merely what I think, my own opinions. And frankly, I think this insidious character isn’t worth his own waste-products. Good night.

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