Matt Gray

For shame

Feb 19, 2003

Well, go here to see a site that demonstrates everything design and weblogging should be. Really.

So, I haven’t gone back to studying and I have this eerie compulsive desire to clean all of my CDs. Perhaps an explanation is in order:

I’ve got a large number of CDs. Nothing to brag about, but once you get above the magic two hundred, each one just seems to make the ownership more weighty. Despite the fact that some of these are gems like Slaughter’s “The Wild Life,” and some CDs that are no longer with us due to taste-induced destruction by force (e.g. MC Hammer). Anyway, I have a 200-cd case that is crap. Utter crap. One of those case logic square briefcase thingies. Well, the weight of the CDs long ago tore the sleeves from their flimsy mooring, and now I must be cautious of the orientation of the case before unzipping. I also have way more than the 200 it holds. Even worse, I love to rotate like mad.. and my musical taste obeys extremely wild whims of fate. For some reason, I’ll accept nothing save one track off a single CD. No matter if that CD is out in my rotting Taurus under the pile of crap from home I have yet to sort through… or if it is horribly dirty or scratched. A large percentage of my CDs are arrayed over a chair I never use, face down (like it matters). This means that they inevitably get dirty, scratched, etc. I’m way too cheap to buy one of those lame disc doctors, so my method of cleaning is water and a t-shirt. It seems to work, I swear (disclaimer: I do not endorse this)! So.. wouldn’t it be cool to listen to each CD whilst I clean a new one? Traverse my vast collection in one to two track slices while bettering the whole? Isn’t that better somehow… I think I have the logic knowledge I need for the morrow.. right right? (Wow, I just caught myself from launching into a long, annoying Clockwork Orange-inspired malchick-speak paragraph. Be thankful)

Fine, so I just wasted my time and yours. Go to this site I read about at Penny Arcade! It’s pretty damn cool.

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