Matt Gray


Mar 19, 2003

I’m a bit behind the times, seems like there’s this great new pastime that I knew nothing about! Googlewhacking is all about the search for “The One” - find two words, no quote marks, that when searched in Google returns only one search result. It’s harder than you think! I’ve found two already, and it stuns me to know that those pages are the only ones (in existence, practically) that contain those two words on the same page. I do not repeat them here, since once Googlebot comes by, this page would invalidate my acheivement. Paradoxical, huh?

Google smackdown is cool: compare two queries against each other, and the most pages returned is the undisputed winner.

Finally, there is the concept of Google Mindshare. For example, you could search for “The Beatles.” Write down the number of results. Then search for “Paul McCartney” and find the number of results - that number divided by the initial number of results is Paul McCartney’s mindshare of The Beatles. Cool, huh?

Enough Googlephilia. Good night.

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