Matt Gray


Mar 9, 2003

Wow, it did me a lot of good to watch the tow trucks taking away the naughty fools who parked on the night-plow routes! I felt so good, knowing inside that my car was safe and secure. I almost wanted to follow the police around, watching them ticket car after car… speaking of which, I still have to pay mine.

I’ve got a midterm (takehome) due Monday night that I haven’t started, logic homework, and an assignment for this class. I’m still polishing up the website for the MAPS Project, so we can switch away from the slightly antiquated version currently online. All this and I cannot move or think without experiencing blinding pain - ah, the joys of alcoholic celebration!

Stub & Herb’s was extremely fun, however, since I was able to remain conscious whilst playing the great trivia game they have there with Dino and Adam. We got schooled by ‘Schlub’ the first round, but we owned the rest of the night, until last call.

I woke to the annoying sound of shoveling and snowblowing. Argh. Blinding headache.. tried playing ‘Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack’ - no good, made things worse. It’s still pretty bad, and even the smallest noise sets me on edge. I can seriously tell when the CPU fans on my dual PIII machine change speed.

Look for a new blog style, using nothing but CSS to arise from the ashes of this site. I’m sick of Netscape 4.7x users. Go whine to someone else, this site’s going the wave of the future, baby! It will also, hopefully, look much cooler.

Perhaps my little brother Jon will be getting webspace here at digitalgraphite.. who knows. Anyway, goodnight for now.

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