Matt Gray

It's Friday....

Apr 11, 2003

Wow, the week from hell is over. I can’t even begin to describe the horror of sitting in front of this very computer (at work) and programming for twelve hours or more on some project that I should have started weeks ago.. now that is behind me.

I went to see Sweet Sixteen at the Lagoon last night, only to discover it was not there due to shipping trouble. That sucked. So, instead, I waited in line with a massive group of nerds to see Cowboy Bebop, which ruled. Waiting for it to start did not rule, as I had to put up with the “witty” banter of all manner of morons around me. Of course, just as I was getting comfortable, a large woman with a hockey mullet dropped into the seat in front of me. Oh, horrors! Luckily, after closing my eyes for several minutes wishing death and destruction visited upon all who surrounded me, I opened them to find she had moved.

Isn’t it odd how virtually everyone still drives, when Spike & Co. rocket around in death-defying aerial acrobatics?

And, being a Bebop virgin, just what the hell is up with Edward?

The evening was made better by an expert parallel parking job. I feel complete. Now, with the sun shining outside, I just want to head outside and lay in the grass. Maybe I’ll do that in a little bit.

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