Matt Gray


Feb 18, 2003

Studying like crazy for my midterm in sentential logic, Math 4152. You’d think logic would be fairly easy to comprehend, wouldn’t you? Alas, the constraints of logic force the mind into operating in a universe of absolutes and rules, things that my mind tends to loathe. I may be a programmer, but complete rigidity still confounds me. Nevertheless, the class does make sense if you take time to learn the material.

I’ve missed a few classes (to say the least) so I’m cramming for this test. Luckily the material thus far nicely overlaps with Discrete Mathematics, Real Analysis, and basic programming knowledge. I think I’m in fairly good shape. The main challenge will be getting enough sleep and waking up in a sane state for class. Following that, I have to pop in at work where I need to complete the building process of two new computers, and bring them up date on installed software, etc. Plus, I still need to go buy shoe polish (for my poor, aging “dress” shoes that I’ve tortured with everyday wear for a year), various articles of clothing, and food. If I get all of that done there may be time for laundry, or completing another web project I have on my plate. Well, at least I wrote this silly blog script, else I would never have the dubious honor of sharing with the world.

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