Matt Gray


Mar 3, 2003

Why? Why?! I need to sleep, yet because of my drunken state the previous night, I was unable to get a quality night’s rest.. and thus I ended up oversleeping today (well, yesterday NOW). This means that it’s Monday morning and I’m still too cranked up to sleep. First off, I hate t. A. T. u. Now I hear you asking, how can you hate two youthful, attractive, supposedly lesbian girls? Well, in truth I don’t hate them, I hate their music. I had “All the things you said” literally “running through my head” all day long annoying the crap out of me. So, I downloaded the songs that comprise their CD (for evaluation purposes only, damn you) - only to be horrendously disappointed by the music. I guess part of me was still caught on that crazy pop-techno hook from their single. I broke free when listening to their “deep” tracks. *supresses shudder* This wasted about an hour of my valuable time. Now I’m up late, unable to sleep, and worse yet, I have not come to that magical decision, “Which CD will put me to sleep?” This is a crucial choice, since the music seems to influence my dreams, morning mood, and whether or not I see the morning at all! As I must turn in homework today, it is semi-crucial to be present in class.

Check out this bitchin’ photo culled off the AP wire:

Suspected terrorist with a lot of body hair
Get a clippers, dude!


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