Matt Gray

Oh, the joys of being twenty-one

Apr 3, 2003

Hats off tonight for Sterling, who heroically survived the statutory onslaught of free alcohol. Despite the exuberance of his friends, the night ended on a happy note, as he was still conscious when last call sounded.

In related news, I’m shocked at how good the martinis at Sally’s were - they looked vile, and were shaken in such a way that the spirits were shattered, never mind “bruised” - but altogether good. Strange.

Let me just say that the bathroom on the first floor of Tate Labs has the worst light switch positioning ever - it is behind the door, where you can’t reach it when you’re frantically pawing for something in the dark entryway. Word to the wise.

Well, it remains to be seen whether or not the party shall continue tomorrow. Good night. Happy Birthday Sterling!

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