Matt Gray


Dec 18, 2003

Finals are over. I just finished my last finals week committment. I feel like a dried out husk, but a happy husk. My finals were each non-catastrophic, and not a one resembled those nightmares when you walk into class naked, or unprepared, or everyone is a Ghila monster, etc.

So—what now. I have about a million things to do at work, as well as here at home. My living space has become a whirlwind of Plato notes, clippings of Aristotle, neural networks papers, impedimentia of all sorts like homeworks, exams, quizzes, notes, keys… all in a whirlwind surrounding my desk, bed, and chair. Wow.

I’m the boy that held out long enough, and now there’s no water on the other side of the [dike] [Spelling corrected –Matt, 2019]; man does my finger feel better!

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