Matt Gray

Scratch that last

Apr 18, 2003

Well, here I am again, awake all night. This is ridiculous! My spelling is horrendous, and simple things like precession algorithms (okay, maybe they’re not inherently simple, per se) elude my comprehension. I feel a strong urge to take a nap on the couch here in the APS lab, but I fear once I do that, I will wake up possibly 18 hours from now wondering where the hell I am.

I chose buying the Fischerspooner CD over the concert. I’m unsure I made the right decision.. how pretentious must you be to title a song “Tone Poem”? I love “Megacolon”, however. Adam [Link defunct. –Matt, 2019] would be all over this one if it wasn’t couched in electroclash beats.

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