Matt Gray

"Shock & Awe"

Mar 22, 2003

With conventional weapons that large, who needs WMD?

Okay, who else is sick of hearing the phrase “Shock and Awe”? I sure am. I can’t help it though; my country has raised me to be a media junkie. I can’t tear myself away from the “continuing coverage” - mainly because there’s nothing to tear away to. No Simpson’s re-runs?!! Blasphemy!

In related news, the MPAA sent my internet provider Comcast Cable an abuse letter, citing alleged file sharing that violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. What material was it? Apparently I was sharing digitized taped Simpsons episodes. This sharing was not intentional, but it still ticks me off it would be illegal if it was. These are not “perfect” copies that the MPAA claims could destroy the film industry, but extremely low-grade tape dubs, like those that could be made from a VCR. How is this not fair use? Will I be prosecuted if I let my friend borrow my Simpsons tape, a videocassette lovingly compiled over the years, watching the Simpsons in syndication? To be fair, I have also purchased the damn DVDs - so how are these internet copies undermining their precious profit margins? Argh. I’m sure someone will be kind enough to correct me on this, but it pisses me off. Anyway, I have complied with the request of my provider, and all such file sharing is now disabled.

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