Matt Gray

So, anyway..

Apr 2, 2003

Okay, new “logo” if you can call it that. I’m not terribly thrilled with it, but it uses the new adjusted dg colors, so I’m mollified.

I added a new page to my site, my designs [Page never completed; design images shown after this paragraph. –Matt, 2019]. I’ve picked out a few of the semi-superior work I’ve turned out over the last three years. Three years doesn’t seem too long, anymore. Hilarious stuff like my original 8k design (too hideous to post) or great things like my design that is now the Center for Scandinavian Studies [Center closed; replaced with link. –Matt, 2019] at the University of Minnesota.

So why am I up at this unholy hour, making tiny modifications to my web site when there’s real work to be done? Good question. I’m using a time-honored Gray tactic to reset one’s sleep patterns. The simplest way to balance the sleep equation when being up at 4am is natural is to stay up all night. While this increases your sleep debt, it allows you to experience the part of the day you’ve been unable to regain consciousness for: the morning. As long as there are no pressing engagements scheduled for the evening, you are clear to pass out into sleep-stupor after the Simpsons ends at 6:30 or so. The real trick is maintaining until then. All manner of ways to rationalize sleep appear before your tired brain. It is a game where you have several cards to play, and in order to win you must play savvy. For example, wasting the shower card early in the day is a guaranteed loss - post-shower, it is easy to get sleepy again. No, a walk around the block is far preferable.

And so, of course, I will attempt this somewhat gutsy remedy while going to class and to work. Wish me luck!

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