Matt Gray


Mar 26, 2003

I added a ranty About Me [Defunct. –Matt, 2019] page, and I updated my page [Also defunct.] for CSci 5107 [Defunct.]. Complain at will.

[The class page is defunct, but I have reproduced its content below.]

As for project one, you are currently looking at it! Project one is our class web site.

Initially, it was a simple, one-page affair that looked vaguely like the current layout (border-defined box with table-like content boxes), but it has grown from that initial page. Mainly, all my interest and focus has moved away from the page itself and to the blog.

The blog is coded in PHP, from scratch, by me. I can hear the clamour: why didn't you use MoveableType? It's easy! It's powerful! It doesn't break! To that I answer: because I could.

A weblog was something of a challenge for me, but has since provided me with PHP and DB skills that proved invaluable in working on the Starbase3 [Defunct.] project. So far my little system has add entry, upload image, and a comments system that allows three comments per IP per entry. It now automagically calculates the correct date from the client (the MySQL server had completely wrong times), sorts the entries, limits their number, provides per-entry viewing and archive functions, etc.

Granted, the features aren't as flashy as my "competitors", but they work, and I made them all. So I'm happy.

The images were also made by me, using Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Fireworks. I'm really warming up to Illustrator, I can't believe I was using just Fireworks to create my production designs, etc. UGH!

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