Matt Gray

Vampire time, baby

Apr 16, 2003

Well, looks like I’m cursed to roam the earth when it is dark, or something. For some reason I’ve been able to be productive as hell in the middle of the night, and able to sleep very soundly during the day. Crazy, huh? It’s hell for my classes, but currently great for getting work done.

I’m working on updating the MAPS site constantly, and I recently discovered a small bug in my declination-parsing library; in other words, a fraction of objects had their declination reported as positive rather than negative. Of course, this is a big no-no, so I had to rebuild the catalog last night (I’m getting good at it, by now).

I also need to update this page, in terms of design; there seems to be a consensus that the old site was better. Back to the drawing board.

I’m trying to figure out whether or not I should go to the Fischerspooner concert this weekend; it’s at the Quest, tickets are only like $18.50… but I could just buy their new CD and listen to that a million times for the same price. Hmmmm…. what would PT Barnum say…

I’m getting sick of my current CD selection, so I tried to expand my horizons the other day. While waiting for Cowboy Bebop to start down at the Lagoon, I went and bought the Autechre curated, “All Tomorrow’s Parties 3.0” - (I’ve had a lust for mix CDs lately) - and it SUCKS. By “sucks” I mean the worst music ever created by man. If you want to be annoyed into punching your CD player, this is the CD for you. It’s enough to make neurons spontaneously commit suicide. It’s truly terrible.

Okay, enough of a “break” - back to work.

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