Matt Gray

WOW I'm tired

Mar 29, 2003

Okay… *pant* *pant*… I just updated my blogging system so the code is a lot more clean and modular. I plan to keep adding features ad nauseum, so don’t ask the eternal question, “Why?”.. basically I trimmed something like 100 lines of clunky, evil code from each web page. That’s pretty good, in my book.

I’m now going to turn my attention to making the archive a lot better, namely browsing by year, month, date. Let’s see.. oh yes, I altered the main page so that it now displays the last three days rather than the last seven entries. Brevity is good.

And now, having acheived my goal of going to bed as Jeremiah [Defunct in 2019.] wakes up, good morning.

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