Matt Gray

A difference of opinion

Dec 4, 2004

The most dangerous thing a person can do is express their true beliefs.

A true friend is one with whom you can share any personal opinion, even if it concerns the other person.

Unfortunately, I decided to voice concerns that I had this evening, and it may have not been accomplished in the most tactful manner. For that, I apologize. However, I refuse to compromise on my own opinions; they are the final personal asset.

However, it is hard to write this following my previous missive on the ills of using religion to project values onto people, for I have attempted to tell others what to do several times in my life; you can’t really do that. The only thing you can do is state your conviction without rancor or embarassment. I believe that other people have no rights of control over how others handle their affairs. The most egotistical thing one can do is to assume that they know best for others.

Many people prefer to maintain a façade, and live their entire lives without letting anyone beyond their glossy, preplanned verneer. Once you reveal part of your core, you make yourself vulnerable. It is a double-edged sword: you can either live life protected from strife, silent on matters of importance, or open yourself to pain. Disguising yourself is the surest sign of personal dissatisfaction.

Bah, this all reads like some childish attempt at straddling the mythical moral high ground—it doesn’t exist. This whole entry can be condensed to a single nugget: sometimes life sucks, and you come off like a bastard.

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