Matt Gray

A Return to the Web

Nov 15, 2004

Well, it has certainly been a long time. Any regulars I once had have probably long since departed; I haven’t updated in weeks. I read somewhere that well-written blogs can expect several hundred vistors per day… but who am I kidding, this site isn’t really for others—it is for myself.

Moving right along, I am slowly improving this site. Previously, I had coded a form to merely add entries to my site, and I was left totally unable to edit or delete from the web. Moving my server away from The Host Group meant that I could no longer rely on phpMyAdmin to manually hack my entries. Therefore, I had to get off my ass and actually code something.

I chose to go with Smarty as the template system for my re-incarnated blog. Smarty is a breeze to use if you are familiar with PHP, and is similar in many respects to the templating system we developed at Clockwork.

Other News

Graduation is afoot, and I’m busily preparing all the paperwork that is necessary. Turns out I needed to apply for graduation last semester, so things should get interesting. I have more than enough credits, but there is a pesky Calculus 2 requirement. I’ve never taken Calc II, and for good reason—it is terminally boring. I am petitioning the school to waive the requirement, since I aced Multivariable Calculus and other higher maths with flying colors.

Novemeber 2nd and its aftermath still has me in a state of denial. Visit Sorry Everybody and you’ll get the idea.

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