Matt Gray


Jan 6, 2004

Apparently I will have time to update. I’m writing this yet again from Kris’s laptop. As a result of being the steward of the laptop, I have grown accustomed the the convenience of mobile computing, as well as wireless access here in the hotel. I am convinced that I need a laptop of some sort, at this point. I’ve become overprotective of this one, thought it is not mine, therefore I cleary desire one.

Now, the big question—PC or Mac? OS X is basically a BSD variant, and comes with a nice GUI that actually mates well with the supplied hardware. The downside is the total package is relatively expensive. The PC option offers slightly more control over the configuration and OS, although some support for PC laptop hardware is still lacking, even in current kernel versions (APCI, etc). I suppose I’ll need to sit down and evaluate my needs vis-á-vis mobile computing; do I need it? Is it worth the expense?

In any case, I’d love to have this capability—lying on my hotel bed, partially drunk, typing out this blog message… but, in reality, how much time would I really spend outside of my office or apartment? Worse, would the mere possession of a quality laptop preclude me from bringing it everywhere out of paranoia—it might be stolen or lost—and thus render it useless?

Definitely something to ponder. I’m not going to toss out the trivial links for the whole Mars Spirit thing, I’m sure everyone has that. If not, you should look it up!

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