Matt Gray

Back from Vegas, a letter from Matt

Mar 18, 2004

I’ve returned from Las Vegas, less some cash. Obviously, I expected no different when I left, but when ever there is gambling involved, the spectre of the big win tends to hang around until dispelled. In other words, I lost.

Vegas is certainly an interesting city. Staggering architectural scale, neon lights, and the dry, clear desert air combine to form something otherworldly. The hotels appear to be massive temples to some electric religion, greed. The larger casinos look very nice, although they are not comparable to the structures they are meant to imitate.

Caesar’s Palace, for example, appears to be too flawless, as though it oozed pure out of some massive concrete mold. Humanity is not inherent in its columns. Paris is a cheap bastardization of the European city, so much so that it was physically painful to see a million cheesy shops and restaurants prefaced with “Le”. It was even worse sitting down in “Le Cafe” at 6 am and ordering a hamburger. A hamburger! New York New York was equally disappointing in that it was very close to a city-themed park in the best Disney style—everything clean and fabricated, while behind the scenes, minions of the park toil to preserve the illusion (in WDW, for example, there are tons of underground tunnels).

All in all, the trip was very interesting, but Vegas was very different than I had expected. Jeremiah took some great photos, and I’ll post them here as soon as I can get my hands on some.

In other news, I received a very polite email from Matt Gray []. Apparently, Matt and his brother William’s work is very similar to that of Craig Wallace [], who was mentioned in Wired magazine. This certainly lends more credence to his research—fusion news triggers alarm bells for me, since the various “Cold Fusion” claims in the past. As IANANP (I am not a nuclear physicist), I encourage you to check out the web site and evaluate it yourself.

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