Matt Gray


Nov 16, 2004

It is scary to think that one day I will be out of touch. This final semester at the U has me filling many positions: student, web programmer, and system administrator. When I get home, I barely have enough energy to do chores, go for a run, or even work on homework. Last night, while I was reading The Transmigration of Timothy Archer, I mused on the natural cycle of things.

Is there some point at which you are no longer on the cutting edge? Will there be a day when I find myself at the limits of my technological comprehension? Some point where I consciously stop searching for new and interesting music?

These questions are weighty ones, and the answers don’t come easy. Intuition tells me “yes”, time is limited. My spirit, however, foolishly believes that those things can never come to pass. Now that I am wondering about these things, does it mean it is already too late? Perhaps I am setting some arbitrary standard for my own life, a lofty goal I know is unreachable—or at the very least, unmaintainable.

I guess the best one can do is to pursue interests to their fullest extent while the interest lingers; otherwise, it will simply get lost in the shuffle of time.


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I will graduate, major in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics. Rock!

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