Matt Gray

Flash game

Dec 6, 2004

I’ve been working on improvements for a Macromedia Flash game that I programmed for Clockwork. You can try it out if you like; the controls are as follows:

Let me know what you think!

Update: I recently re-read William Gibson’s excellent Neuromancer, one of my favorite books. Slashdot just happened to have a story on controlling a computer with your mind using implanted electrodes. It seems that Gibson’s dream of cyberspace cowboys jacking in via ’trodes isn’t very far off in the future. The original story was posted on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website.

All I can say is, “Sign me up!” Frankly, I cannot wait for the day when I can design, code, and test a program using only my thoughts. I believe the development cycle will accelerate considerably, since the mechanical act of entering the code can easily introduce errors. However, one should spare no expense on the surge protection… :)

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