Matt Gray

Math lab done...

Feb 17, 2004

But my ire remains. Damn you Microsoft!

Luckily, once I had the equations figured out, it was really easy to remember them. The only problem was that I’m not as skilled at entering equations into Mathematica as I am with LaTeX. I’m still using the GUI elements to perform all of my function-dressing in MM, and it really hurts my productivity.

I’ve got some sequences homework to finish up, a website to code, and lots and lots of C coding ahead of me… and I have an 8:00am class tomorrow.

My sleep schedule this semester has been perfect thus far; I haven’t skewed it into vampire mode yet. An all-nighter tonight might break the camel’s back, however—and early!

This post is turning into a sensational bit of serial writing—will Matt wake up tomorrow? Will he sleep? Will his perfect attendance hold up to his growing responsibilities in his classes? Find out tomorrow on… Matt’s Journal!


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