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Site Redirect

Nov 25, 2004

I just updated my previous page at to redirect clients here. With Thanksgiving week-end ahead of me, I may be able to get some work done on this site. I need to update ‘Designs’, as well as add a section for all the Linux, C, PHP and other tricks and tips I’ve accumulated over the past several years; no doubt they’ll be useful to someone.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The St. Clair Broiler sucks. I’m terribly sorry, I know it is family-owned, etc, etc… but it sucks. Every single time I’ve been there, I have received terrible service. The food was decent, with an exceptional hamburger, but that is not enough to trump the restaurant’s critical flaw: its staff.

A previous entry of mine mentioned breakfast; I waited to be seated for a good 10 minutes, to no avail. I lost good study time waiting, and ended up going to Brownie’s on Stinson. Brownie’s is a nordeast gem, offering counter service and killer home cooking. I walked in around seven am, and walked out a half hour later happy and full. Thank you, Brownie’s.

Post-post scriptum

I just re-read what I wrote above, and the only explanation is exhaustion. Apparently, I’m unable to form a single cogent sentence/fragment/thought and type… maybe it is time for bed.

Car wireframe for my graphics class

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