Matt Gray

so i left my cowboy hat at your mom’s house

May 9, 2004


The following was typed by Marie Clark at Rock Bottom Brewery.

Interesting evening. Let me tell you. So I was walking down 15th and Hennepin tonight in my leather jumpsuit and fishnet stalkings when this car pulled up. And guess who it was. Your mom. She said she had wanted me and well, I was willing.

So yeah. It was good. Then I went out and had a smoke. And here we are present day. Just me and my hampster. I’m feeling kindof lonely. But shelly (my hampster) just winked at me. So I’m feeling lucky.

When you got it, you got it. And I’ve definitely got something tonight. This burni… I mean… I think I should be done.

Time for another drink. :-)

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