Matt Gray

Strong Finish

Dec 20, 2004

I’m done. I walked out of my last final a few minutes ago, in triumph. If I lose a single point on that exam, I will be disappointed—my preparation was second-to-none. It also helped that even a percentage of 50% on the exam would give me an A in the class, since my current total is at 110% for the class.

I am really excited. Now that school is over, anything is possible. I intend to dive back into programming and small projects, help Clockwork, the University, and others more than before, and forge ahead on my own. Also, the plan is to study for and ace the GRE, and begin scouting grad schools. Hooray!

Unfortunately, it is all out of my hands now. I will just sit in front of Firefox, clicking refresh on my grades page.

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