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Nov 15, 2004

Forgotten Ore Bucket hangs over the road

On the way back to Silverton, we passed several old mining trams, precariously positioned on either side of the valley. Several of the old ore buckets were simply left hanging, suspended hundreds of feet in the air, from rusty cables. Lazy miners!

Pizza in the wilderness is possible.

Those who know me also know that I travel nowhere without pizza, and backpacking trips are no exception. Years ago, I read how to make passable pizza from pita bread, and have been eating it on the trail ever since. Unfortunately, the cheese tends to turn after more than three days on the trail…

Satellite photo showing the last two days of the trip. Campsites for each night are also marked, but our GPS could only store two days’ worth continuous track data, since we could not re-charge its battery.

The last day’s climb over Starvation Pass.

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