Matt Gray

Want to break your scientific mind?

Dec 7, 2004

Visit this page. I dare you. This was posted on BoingBoing, and it flabbergasted me. As my previous posts show, I am no creationist—this stuff drives me crazy. Granted, this is just a tourist trap “museum” with a web site, and some BoingBoing reader just happened to stumble across it. Nevertheless, the article on the site blaming Columbine on lack of religion and Darwinism was nothing short of revolting.

Following the above paragraph, I attempted to expound on my views regarding the teaching of religion. Like many arguments centered around faith, I ran in a few circles, and concluded that some of my opinions contradict each other when read together. I’ll spare the gory details, but I believe that religion masquerading as science is a bad idea™; the two are separate and irreconcilable institutions.

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