Matt Gray

You’ve got to see this.

Dec 31, 2004

ABC’s World News Tonight just ran a segment in their People of the Year series, and bloggers were chosen. Xeni Jardin, a contributor at BoingBoing, was also featured. However, the real surprise (at least for me) was the video on Dylan Verdi. Dylan is reportedly the world’s youngest videoblogger.

I spent some time at her web site, and I cannot express how amazed I am that technology is enabling thousands of people worldwide to express what they feel and think through blogs. Unfortunately, the internet’s dark side is present even on Dylan’s blog—I found a comment (posted by an anonymous coward) with quite insulting and vulgar content, directed at Dylan. Her reply:

I am being nice and not shouting every insult in Japanese I know.
Which is a heck of alot, mind you.

Now it is clear why I do not allow comments on my nascent blog. Of course, my site is not directed at appeasing a community—there is no pandering here. I consider each post as a letter to myself and any casually interested parties. That’s the beauty of the internet—with the price of access so low, I am not obligated to festoon my site with ads, or satisfy anyone but myself. The combination of such intensely personal ideals and a public stage is a rare possibility. The “blogosphere” encourages promotion based on quality of content, and (usually) not hype.

All I can say is, go Dylan! Go blogs! Go technology!

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