Matt Gray

A week of work

Jun 18, 2005

Work, work, work—and not much else. I had a great weekend, primarily because I got to hang out with my friend Elizabeth before she left for Portland. The metro area has been quite nice this week, and I’ve enjoyed it on the wrong side of the window.

I was directly affected by the President today; I494 was closed briefly as his motorcade made its way to or from some suburb. My co-worker Ryan was in the car with me on the return trip from the Eden Prairie Punch Pizza. Exited US 212, traffic was fine, and then WHAM! Total gridlock, and only a half mile from the 169 exit. As usual, certain enterprising individuals decided to try and pass on the shoulder. The entire right lane moved to the shoulder. Following that fool’s parade, more people tried to follow a construction crew off the shoulder. The construction workers stopped and informed the SUV-driving maniacs that they were total idiots.

This week marks a photographic dry spell for me since I recieved the new camera (thanks Dad). I’ve taken all the so-called “obligatory shots” around town, the kinds you might find on cheap postcards. Now I’m struggling to find something to express via the camera, and I am coming up empty. I am not an artist; the technical challenge is always more interesting. Can I still take decent pictures?

The circle ’o friends tells me that Batman Begins is fantastic. This evening was earmarked for the theater, but plans have changed. I’m pretty certain that I am going to a friend’s house to watch Meet the Fockers, an entirely unsatisfactory trade. At least this fits my weekend goal of minimal thought exercise…


Gravel pit pyramid

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