Matt Gray

Accomplishments before noon

Mar 5, 2005

It is fantastic to be awake. Normally my weekends are conscious islands amid a vast ocean of sleep; it is hard to get things done. Today I awoke early, finished a task for Clockwork, and began making fresh pizza dough.

My lifestyle requires pizza dough constantly at the ready. Without it, I am tempted to visit a restaurant and spend money: after all, when faced with an approximately two hour dough-making process the restaurant option usually wins. The procedure itself is quite relaxing. I constantly forget how easy it is to do and consequently put it off.

Relaxing as it may be, the business itself is deadly serious. I am striving for the ultimate pizza dough, containing components from all my favorite places: Punch, Pizza Nea, Fat Lorenzo’s, etc. Pizza is suprisingly hard to make, though it only requires a few ingredients. I have been recording the recipes as I try them out, modifying them occasionally. Over time, I am slowly building an understanding of the variables. When I attain this pizza-vana, I’ll host a “bring your own toppings” pizza / housewarming party.

Time to check the dough’s rising progress…

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