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Dec 27, 2005

I’m back from my holiday vacation to Colorado. My brother and I visited our father, went hiking in the desert and skiing in the mountains. I have hundreds of photos to sort through and a fresh, clean mind.

It was necessary to get away, even though this was purely a family visit. I relaxed all day today, and have yet to check e-mail. This posting marks my return to the digital world I had left behind for a few days.

Now, back to work! I guess I’m on my way to being internet famous with my first vlog appearance at Tech Evangelists. To summarize: I bought an old stoplight on eBay and wired it to my computer’s parallel port. I brought it over to Clockwork and wrote an XMMS plug-in to change the lights in sync with the music. Source code, schematics, and a HOWTO are forthcoming.


Here’s what my mom’s christmas tree looked like.


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