Matt Gray

Late night pizza

May 15, 2005

I used my last ball of dough, and I’m out of decent flour. The last batch was mostly Pillsbury (or was it Gold Medal?), anyway. Tomorrow I must venture out to Kowalski’s and pick up some King Arthur flour, fresh mozzarella, and some more tomatoes. Perhaps it’s time to try a wheat flour / unbleached flour mixture dough?


Note that the pizza looks quite different—it is Pizza Lucé, noblest of all downtown delivery pizza. I challenge you to find a pizza joint that answers the phone at 2:45am, and usually delivers earlier than they estimate. Lucé is a haven for the after-bar crowd, and with good reason: you can usually get slices up until closing, and it is perfectly situated for a post-intoxication detour. Their sauce is amazing and rich, and the cheese is generously piled on.

Today was not a day for accomplishment; all but two items on my “Ultimate to-do” remain unchecked. The laundry has received no attention. My plants are fighting for survival, clinging to their last drops of moisture. The car needs to be washed.

No, apparently today was for sleeping, a period of hard work, and then an extended vegetation session in front of the Food Network. Yes, the Food Network. I know it’s improbable—a cheese pizza fanatic enjoying culinary programming—but one of these days exotic, non-pizza dishes will fall under my fork.

Update: Here is an experiment with shutter speeds and an LCD monitor. I’ve got a larger version as my desktop wallpaper right now… I can’t figure out if it is inspiring me to code or to get away from the monitor.


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