Matt Gray

So early it is late

Jun 19, 2005

No sleep last night. I was almost ready to turn in, and I noticed the beginning of a beautiful sunrise. This morning I desperately needed a dose of inner peace and/or solitude, so I went outside. Naturally, I took my camera along.

Solitude is a luxury, even at five in the morning. Sometimes I forget that I am completely surrounded by people while living in downtown Minneapolis. I cannot withstand cosntant immersion; I seek rocky shore. Everything cooperated this morning—the bridges were quiet and I had my thoughts.

I took many pictures, forcing myself to concentrate on the beauty around me. Not a single word left my lips since setting foot outside my apartment. The sunrise could not have been better, and though I was sore from running yesterday, I managed to visit the Stone Arch bridge, 3rd Ave bridge, and Hennepin Ave. Between this morning and last night, I shot well over 200 photos, about 20 of which are halfway decent.

There are times when I believe the world is a terrible place; it’s an easy trap to fall into. Awful things happen, often to good people. In spite of all the well-publicized evil, there are a few people, places, and experiences that make the whole thing worth it. It’s dime-store philosophy, but it works for me.

I am making a pizza and then going to sleep immediately. It has been an exhausting night, both mentally and physically. But first, a single photo:


Sunrise at the Hennepin Avenue Bridge

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