Matt Gray

The curse of many things to do

Nov 27, 2005

I work very well when focused. Given a well-defined task, I can spend hours programming, writing, or building something. When I have far too many things to do, my mind tends to pinball between them, preferring to give up focus in order to ponder the remaining things to do. It also doesn’t help that thinking about doing something is a hell of a lot easier than actually doing it.

This is the trap I have currently fallen into. Every few minutes I contemplate working on my website, the work I need to do at Clockwork, or one of my other side projects. If I were to dive into these tasks immediately, completing them one by one, I could probably accomplish what I need to get done in a weeks’ time. Why is this difficult? Am I overly optimistic about the time required?

I guess I will just have to dive in, with gusto: track my time outside of work, resurrect my exercise regimen and spreadsheet, finally take my shirts to the dry cleaners. In short: getting my shit together. The idea of being insurmountably busy has given me an excuse to slack; that’s the best explanatation at the moment. I did, however, make this delicious pizza for lunch. Hooray!


And…. damn but the designs at the CSS Zen Garden are getting good!

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