Matt Gray

A New Wee One

Jan 19, 2006

irish-girl’s new baby has arrived. Congrats, Meghan! Maybe you should just name your daughter “Shrimpy”—it seems to be a name we’re all comfortable with by now.

In other news, I’m underwater. Monday and Tuesday blurred together completely, as I didn’t sleep in between them. Yeah, spent about 29 hours at work. Of course, I left from time to time (the Brownie’s breakfast), but it was just too much. Tuesday evening, I went out for pizza with Carrie, and nearly collapsed. Sleep came quickly.

Today I caught up on even more sleep. I sent a message to my co-workers around 0830, thinking I would be in around 0930–1000. I remember laying down on the bed and then waking up at 1130. Yikes. Everything worked out fine; my unscheduled, involuntary nap allowed an Everest pick-up adventure for lunch with my co-workers. Yay!

On the way to the office, a curry container spilled. It was contained within a plastic bag, so all the yummy Tikka Masala sauce was preserved (and saved from seeping into my car’s upholstery). An old man nearly ran into the side of my car on Hennepin, near Industrial. Never checked his blind spot. I’m so glad my car’s horn really lets you know when you’ve fucked up. HOOONNNNK!

All my curry sauce was saved (Zach pierced the bag with a knife to drain it… distrubing in context with his latest post to TechEvangelists.) and Everest was fantastic. My friend apparently received our gift and enjoys it. Oh, and I’m going to see Andrew Bird come February.

(Photos to follow, I’m not yet home… work, work, work!)

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