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Sep 5, 2006

I’ve ordered a new computer. Well, that is not quite correct: I have ordered the components of a new computer. I decided to build my own after carefully evaluating the low-cost options from Dell and the lovely machines from Apple. Frankly, I have very specific needs in mind—I want to build a photo workflow desktop. It should be ideally suited to run Photoshop in a VMWare virtual machine as my primary operating system shall remain Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

The specs on the new machine:

I’ve got to archive, purge, and re-organize two years worth of digital photo files. I have megabytes and megabytes of marginal photos that are simply not worth saving. Unfortunately, dredging through the photos (especially the RAW files) is extremely time-consuming with my aging dual 733Mhz Pentium machine with 384MB of RAM.

The Pentium is now six years old. It’s been working hard since I started college—it’s time to let it retire. Hooray!

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