Matt Gray

Meryl Streep Loves Punch Pizza

May 5, 2006

Meryl Streep (among other celebrities) were in St. Paul on May 3rd for the premiere of A Prairie Home Companion, the movie. According to a Strib article, Punch pizza is the best pizza Meryl Streep has ever eaten. This is no surprise whatsoever.

Punch Woodfire Pizza has been an institution in Highland Park for just over a decade, serving authentic woodfire pizza with the absolute finest ingredients. When I first discovered the restaurant, I knew immediately that I had found a rare gem, something to be savored and treasured. At the time, there was no where within hundreds (perhaps thousands) of miles that served such high-quality Neapolitan pizza.

I don’t see one celebrity’s preference as validation, merely another testimonial from a satisfied customer. If you have not visited Punch Pizza, I highly recommend it. Stop by early on weekends for an informal lunch, or visit during the evening for dinner. For a first time dinner, visit mid-week to avoid the crowds.

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