Matt Gray

Overwhelming Obligations

Jan 13, 2006

There’s too much to do. Typing this is taking time away from about a million things that I’ve said I will do or can do. Unfortunately, it seems that my predictions have been overly optimistic. I think I will have to cancel plans this evening in order to make some headway on a mountain of work (much of which will need to be done this weekend).

This situation is of my own design; I have a tendency to want to do more, more, more faster than before. Perhaps I will make amazing progress today—I feel great, and have lots of energy, or perhaps not. In any case, I’m ready. Please understand that my posts and pictures will be more sporadic.

I bought a few new photography books, and already plowed through one of them in an ill-advised late night. I hope you’ll see positive effects in my new photography. Now, it is off to work for me!

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