Matt Gray

I will not let a whole year pass.

Jan 1, 2008

Yes, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve last posted on this blog.

What happened?

“I’ve been busy.” Does that tell you anything useful? Everyone seems busy. In truth, this blog was not a priority for me over the past several months. Unfortunately, it’s part of a general communications decay in my relationships.

Last night I had the good fortune of attending a friend’s New Year’s celebration at their swank downtown condo. I was invited in spite of my increasing isolation among friends. I will be frank: I have neglected my friends.

Everyone I’ve asked rejects the idea of New Year’s resolutions. However, I think they can be useful simply as a reminder to think forward. I have some good ideas about what I’d like to do in the coming months.

Since I’m not motivated to post to this blog, I think it’s not serving my needs. Look for a design update, commenting, and more in the near future. It was fun and instructive to build my own low-tech blogging software. Now I’d like to make blogging easier to increase the chance I’ll contribute regularly.

My blog isn’t all that’s suffered—my Flickr account has been similarly neglected, as has photography in general. I am working to reverse that trend by forcing myself to take photographs. It’s getting harder to share the photographs I take as I learn to view my work critically. It’s just perfectionism’s curse. I need to get over it.

Finally, I plan to slow down at Clockwork, my employer. It doesn’t mean that I’m dissatisfied—quite the contrary—but I’m actually addicted to my work. Taken to an extreme, it’s unhealthy. I will work hard to work less, if that makes any sense.

Thank you, friends, co-workers, readers, family. It’s been a great year. I’m really excited for 2008.

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