Matt Gray

Find-as-You-Type Search in Google Chrome

Jan 20, 2010

I’ve mostly given up Firefox for daily web browsing in favor of Google Chrome. Chrome is fast, stable, and just enough for what I do—however, it lacks built-in, find-as-you-type search. Luckily, there’s an extension you can use, if you install the developer version of Chrome.

(Whenever possible, I avoid using the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are much faster and don’t require a physical context switch.)

Alex (@wallheater) turned me on to a Google Chrome extension, Type-ahead-find. First, install the dev channel of Chrome.

Installing Google Chrome (Dev Channel)

If you don’t mind living on the bleeding edge, you can install a developer version of Google Chrome. For Mac, that means installing from this Chrome disk image.


Now, visit the Type-ahead-find extension page, click “Install,” and load a new tab. Use / for search or ‘ for link-only search.

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